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How we saved an IT contractor 15% and found them a reliable new business phone supplier

We received an emergency email from Control Alt Delete, an IT support service who had just discovered their main phone supplier had gone out of business. They needed to order desk phones asap to install for their customer.

Within just a couple of hours we had a new short term supplier who could ship immediately; a new long term supplier who could offer wholesale rates; and we even negotiated an additional introductory new customer discount on behalf of our client.

pinnable image on with text reading how we saved 15% for an IT consultant
Case study on how we saved 15% for an IT Consultant on their phone equipment

Where we started

Last Monday began poorly for Control-Alt-Delete. We could tell in the email we received. Reading between the lines, their streamlined plan for the week was rapidly vanishing. Their corporate phone supplier had suddenly gone out of business. Dropped off the map. Gone? Where? We didn’t know, we could only guess: trekking across Egypt; moved to the highest mountain in Tibet; taken up scuba diving in the arctic? Rather than speculate, we cleared the decks to help them.

The problem? They needed to order phones ASAP to keep their next client project on schedule. Control-Alt-Delete installs corporate phone systems that work. They pride themselves on timely installs and delivering exactly what they promise to their clients.

They don’t want to waste time on finding the right part, at the right time and getting it to the right place. Their motto claims their success: “Making things work”. Precisely what they needed us to do for their supply chain. Not wanting to spend the time, money and frustration on finding a new supplier, that’s where we came in. We quickly moved into high gear.

Our actions

  1. We assessed the market for their particular phone brand;

  2. We identified potential suppliers;

  3. We contacted them to verify their stock levels, shipping time and customer service levels; and

  4. We used our spend analysis to leverage great negotiated rates on behalf of our client.

The results

Within 2 hours we provided our Control Alt Delete with an immediate solution. We found a supplier with stock who could ship within 24 hours and guarantee delivery within 2 days. Control Alt Delete could assure their client that their brand new business phone system would be completed on time. Mission Accomplished!

The benefits

Control Alt Delete solved their supplier “out of business” problem with one email. No frantic phone calls, no running around big box stores looking for rare stock, and no phone calls to their customer advising them of a potential delay to their project schedule.

The bonus

We presented Control Alt Delete with a second supplier who offered wholesale rates, saving them an additional 15% off the cost of the products. This equates to a ROI of 12 and half times their investment. The stocking levels agreed to by the supplier were fantastic, even given the longer delivery times. At such a great wholesale rate, Control Alt Delete can now justify keeping the necessary stock levels on their shelves which align with their advance sales predictions. They are now able to handle rush orders better, and plan ahead for future customer projects.

Have you ever been caught out with a supplier who has stopped doing business? Share your stories in the comments below.

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