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6 step purchasing plan example for your yearly business purchases

Updated: Jul 22, 2019

Planning ahead for your yearly business spending? You need a purchasing plan!

How is your plan for your office spending? You have a budget? Great. Do you have a calendar for when you need to make the purchase to account for lead time?

There are lots of benefits to doing some small business planning for your purchases ahead of time. Think of those times when you could have saved money buying a gently used piece of equipment, if only you had the time to shop around. Imagine having the luxury to completely assess all the options without rushing to purchase. Last but not least, getting the correct goods. Taking the time with your purchase, and not rushing it, can avoid mistakes and errors when ordering.

Is planning ahead for me?

Yes, pick up our free purchasing plan excel template here to help you get started!

Planning your business purchases ahead of time is key to making sure you get the right goods, at the right time, at the right place and for the right price. This goes for everything from your regular inventory stock, to major capital purchases to the holiday Christmas party.

You might have an inventory purchasing process, with turns and stock counts and so many systems it can do your head in. But do you have a simple process for remembering the little things? The candy to hand out at Easter, the flowers for secretary appreciation day or the new office furniture that has a 10 week lead time?

image of calendar on desk with caption: Are you planning your monthly purchases? Let us show you how. Then includes the Silver Lynx Supply Chain Consulting company logo.
Use our purchasing planning example to plan your purchases for the year.

Why should I plan ahead? I’m already focused on the big projects.

Every business owner and manager can benefit from a little extra help at planning what they need to get done or delegate each week. This is especially true when you are focused on the big things. But forget (or remember) the little things and it can make such an impact on your employees and customers.

Think of all the purchases that you didn’t plan ahead. Have you paid rush charges in the last 6 months? Had to call up a supplier and beg them to move you up the queue to meet a client’s deadline? Or worse, had to delay a project because you didn’t order early enough? It’s okay, we’ve got you covered.

How do I plan for purchases?

First, pop over here and download our simple purchasing plan excel template

This is a simple system, it isn’t intended to replace your inventory management system, or your project planning checklists and Gantt charts.

We designed this to give you a handy little checklist to remember all the things that you might otherwise forget.
  1. List everything you need to have ready each month in the next quarter in the first column.

  2. Estimate the lead time for each time in column two. Will it take 2 days, 2 weeks or 2 months to order and receive this item?

  3. Decide on the person (or role) that is responsible for purchasing the item. Add this to the third column.

  4. Note down in the fourth column if there are any opportunities for savings. This might include buying on sale, requesting a discount or using a credit note.

  5. Use column 5 for any additional comments you have for this purchase.

  6. Decide on when you need to initiate the purchase. Add this to the sixth column.

Extra tools just for you

We’ve included a couple of extra tools in the excel template to help you out.

The second tab has a list of memory joggers. You can use this to remember the important dates and things that you may want to be prepared for.

The third tab has a list of frequently purchased items in an office environment. These are items that you may want to add to your regular shopping list, depending on their consistency and frequency. Throughout the year, you can add to it if you need other items.

Communicate to others

Now that you have a plan of all the things you need to purchase it’s important to communicate this to others. You can share the document, post it up in the office, or delegate someone to manage making all the purchases from it.

Planning the Purchase is just step 1 in our 8 step Purchasing Process. We are writing articles going deep on each step, so stay tuned.

Ready to get started? Grab the purchasing plan excel template and get planning. 1. 2. 3. GO!

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