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We’re the Sea to Sky supply chain experts. We give you REAL solutions to your purchasing problems.

How well your business manages its supply chain can give you a competitive advantage in your marketplace. Saving money, using less staff time, getting products to market faster, increasing profits, decreasing your environmental footprint – we work with small to medium size businesses in the Sea to Sky area that are hell bent on being the best achieve these great results.


We understand the complexities that come with supplying the right goods, at the right price, at the right time and in the right location; and how crucial ‘getting it right’ is to your business’ bottomline. We are purchasing experts. We find the leaks in your purchasing pipeline and simplify your buying process so that it compliments your business operations at all levels to save you money—that you may not even know you’re losing.


Whether you’re managing a growing staff, have multiple locations, or moving parts, we can help you improve the health of your supply chain so that it supports your current and future business operations.

“Supply Chains are in every organization. Even a corner store has a supply chain. They just might not know it yet.”



So What is Supply Chain Consulting Anyways?

Who does Supply Chain Consulting help?

Supply chain consulting can help everyone, no matter what size of business you are. That said, there is a tipping point in business – when getting great supply chain consulting advice is crucial to the healthy growth of your business in size and speed.


Here are some questions to ask yourself:

  • Do you have lots of moving parts in your business?

  • Do you have multiple locations?

  • Are you too busy to look for savings in your cost structure?

  • Would a 5% reduction in your cost of goods make a huge financial impact to your business?

  • Are you growing or expanding rapidly, with new employees?

  • Are you focusing on streamlining your operations?

  • Are you concerned about where your raw materials are coming from?

  • Do you want to reduce your environmental footprint?

  • Do you sell physical goods?


If you answered yes to any of the above, then working with a professional Supply Chain Consultant will be a key piece to meeting your business goals.

How do I know if I need a Supply Chain Consultant?

Here are some key signs that your business could use supply chain management advice:


  • Your staff are struggling to buy goods and services for your business (ie. supplies)

  • You don’t know what you are paying for your goods

  • You think/know that you could be negotiating better discounts, but don’t know where to start

  • You don’t know what spends your employees are committing your company too

  • You’re not able to process and pay invoices on time

  • You are experiencing shrinkage (aka theft)

  • You are ready to hire a purchasing agent (buyer) and you want to set them up for success

  • You have a major project coming up that you need to buy for


If you answered yes to any of the above, then your business will benefit from working with a professional Supply Chain Consultant.


The good news is, that’s us.


“Silver Lynx Consulting has a serious knowledge of the whole purchasing cycle. They are definitely on the top of our list of who to call when we need help.”



Our Services

We offer a variety of supply chain consulting services both in the Sea to Sky area and remotely that we customize to meet your business’ unique set of needs.

Purchasing Process Workshop

This two-hour workshop is for businesses that are looking to take the first step towards improving their purchasing processes. During this workshop you will learn where you are at, and what to focus on. We recommend that you bring your key staff to participate. At the end of the workshop you will walk away with a roadmap that outlines where to focus your efforts, along with a broad list of next steps to help streamline your processes.

Supply Chain Improvement Package
Supply Chain Improvement Package

For businesses that are serious about creating superior supply chain management in their organization, this is the full meal deal. With this package we assess your business’ current level of procurement maturity throughout your organization. This includes a discovery session, as well as in-person interviews with staff and a review of current written procedures. Following our in-depth audit, we will present our list of recommended improvements based on our findings. We will then work with you to scope the suggested improvements, and plan and execute all actions necessary to implement our recommendations.


This may include implementation of computerized purchasing systems, inventory control management solutions, supplier relationship management and contract management audits.

Supplier Relationship Management

We provide supplier account management and mediation services between your businesses and suppliers to ensure you are getting excellent value from your vendors. This service is for you if you are struggling to build strategic partnerships with your suppliers, if you are looking to make a tactical change to another supplier, or if you just need to mend a fence between you and a critical supplier. Whatever your pain-point is, we’ll help you sort through the key steps involved, and assist you to create great results.

Customized Purchasing Policy Drafting

Every business needs a purchasing policy to reduce risk and communicate to employees what they can and cannot do. We remove the guesswork, and create a customized purchasing policy for your organization that sets the stage for all future purchasing process improvements.

Supply Chain Improvement Package
RFP/RFT Services

From finding new opportunities, drafting responses, to managing the entire RFP process on your behalf, we can help.


We offer customized Request for Proposal (RFP) and Request for Tender (FRT) Packages. This is designed for clients that require an outsourced solution to meet an immediate business need, such a creating and issuing an RFP for a specific service. We take the pressure off you and manage the entire process – from drafting specifications, to making the final offer. We can also draft responses on your behalf, and create an RFP response template to save you time and money for future RFP’s.

Personnel Supply Chain Training

Has your indispensable purchasing agent given notice? Are you staring down the barrel of a long drawn out recruiting process with no-one to transfer knowledge to? Bring us in, train us, and then we’ll come back and train your new person. We’ll give them extra tips and get them up to speed in no time. We will also remain on-call and available for those urgent purchasing questions when they need some expert advice. No fuss, no drama, just business as usual for you.

Spend Analysis

Would you like to get an in-depth look at where your dollars are going? Then come away with recommendations on where to focus your cost reduction efforts?


We can perform a thorough Spend Analysis for you to help you prioritize your negotiations. As part of this service, we collate and analyze your historical spend data, and combine this with information on your current processes and practices. We then provide a detailed report that you can use to prioritize your cost reduction efforts.

Contract Management

Do you know what contracts you have committed to? Are you actively managing your contracts? Have you just found out a key supplier contract is about to expire and you don’t have a plan for what to do next? We can help. We audit your contracts and create a plan for ongoing contract updates and management. You will get the peace of mind of knowing that you are fully covered by your key supplier contracts, and have a schedule that you can use to plan ahead for upcoming contract negotiations.

Know you need help, but not sure what you need?

We specialize in a creating custom solutions for your business. We’ll help you clarify your urgent needs and your long-term priorities.

Not located in the Sea to Sky area? No problem. Most of our services can be done remotely.

Contact us if you are outside of the Sea to Sea and looking for supply chain help.



Our Supply Chain Expert

Shelly is an experienced supply chain expert who has a deep background in all things purchasing. She has purchased in the Sea to Sky area for over 10 years, having worked for the largest ski resort in Canada, Whistler Blackcomb.


With a reputation for having excellent customer service and the innate ability to “just make it work”, Shelly has experienced buying pretty much anything a business in the Sea to Sky corridor could possibly need. From snowcat parts, to containers and tents, Shelly has bought it all.


Prior to her work with Whistler/Blackcomb, Shelly worked for the largest local government in the southern hemisphere, Brisbane City Council doing strategic sourcing for +$1M contracts. She regularly saved upwards of $50,000 for clients.


Shelly is dedicated to improving her own skills in all things supply chain. Her most recent achievement is gaining the Supply Chain Management Professional designation from the Supply Chain Management Association

Her dedication to advancing the supply chain management industry in Canada is evident as she also sits on the British Columbia Board of Directors of the Supply Chain Institute of Canada. She is focused on good board governance and serving the needs of the members of the SCMA. 

When she's not organizing supply chains, you can probably find her quilting. 

“Purchasing, negotiating great value and building great purchasing systems for businesses is Shelly’s passion. And she’s very good at it. The best actually.”


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